Little Ukers Level 1- C Tuning

Little Ukers Level 1- C Tuning

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Little Ukers Level 1: C Tuning, created by Melissa Sequeira.

Level 1: 50 pages. Introduces students to the basics of the ukulele: holding the instrument, identifying the open strings, playing simple melodies, reading notes on the staff, introductory ear training skills, and basic strumming technique.

The Little Ukers Ukulele Method book is a comprehensive step-by-step approach to teach music reading skills and techniques while playing the ukulele. It is designed to be used in a classroom, or with a small group of students and is not a "teach yourself to play" book.

The book uses imagery, activities, and an innovative approach to teaching students how to play the ukulele and covers the basics of ear training, strumming skills, note reading and music theory, and playing simple melodies.

For ukuleles tuned High A, or GCEA.

A comprehensive ukulele method for young students using GCEA tuning.

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