Classroom Ukulele Method

Classroom Ukulele Method

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Classroom Ukulele Method (revised) by J. Chalmers Doane.

48 pages, 30 lessons. Developed after many years of both teaching and research, this book represents a simple, effective program for instructing both children and adults. Although designed for use in a classroom setting where the teacher may expand upon the lesson plans outlined, it may also be used as a "self-teach" method for those unable to participate in a group situation.
Classroom Ukulele Method links reading music and playing by ear to create better players by stressing such skills as transposing, "pic-ing" and strumming by both note and ear throughout.

Contents include:
Chord Chart " Open Strings " Time Signatures " Repeat Signs " The Left Hand " The Chords D, G and A " Strumming Chords " Counting and "Pic"ing " The Major Scale " Various Scales and Keys " Notes and Rests " Bar Chords " Strumming and Rhythm " Rhythm and Accents " Intervals " The Minor Scale " Writing Music " Transposition " Syncopation through accents " The Folk Pic " Triads " Playing by Ear " Index

by J. Chalmers Doane for Low A (D6) tuning. Stresses both note-reading and playing by ear.

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