Gift ideas for ukulele lovers

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Are you looking for a spectacular gift for a ukulele player in your life or even for yourself perhaps? One of the best things about ukulele gifts is that no matter what your budget is, you are always bound to find something nice. Whether you are looking to spend $5 or $1,500, there is no limit of gifting options for a perfect ukulele gift.

Ukulele felt picks

Typically, ukuleles are played with fingers. However, playing them with a pick can definitely add an interesting dimension to the sound. Felt picks are particularly good for a ukulele. They come in a pack of six so they can be used for a long time. Moreover, they are great on a budget too as felt pick packs cost only around $10-12.

Aztec style strap

A sturdy strap makes playing a ukelele easy as the players can stand and play the instrument. A strap is a great gifting option as you can choose from a range of designs, materials and styles. Moreover, many stores offer personalized styles. These straps can come quite handy as they are easily adjustable.

A string set

A ukulele string set is a great budget gift. Not only is it high on utility but also an extremely rampantly used accessory. Strings wear out continuously and need regular replacements. Ukulele string sets come in many sizes like soprano, concert and tenor.

Rhythm ring shaker

This rhythm shaker can be easily worn like a ring and lets ukulele players create their own rhythm and style while strumming their ukelele.


A capo helps ukulele players to change keys without having to change the chords. This makes it easier to sing or play with fellow musicians.

Customized t-shirt

Want to commemorate someone’s love for a ukulele? What better way than a customized t-shirt. You can get a customized ukulele t-shirt with a name and a graphic of a ukulele. Let the whole world know of their passion for ukulele.

Cleaning set

Ukuleles can get dirty pretty easily. Due to their delicate parts and strings, it is important to use the right kind of cleaning cloths and liquids. Gifting a ukulele cleaning set can be a great option for a ukulele lover.

Gig bag

For a travelling ukulele player or for someone who wants to keep their ukelele protected and clean, a gig bag is an amazing gift. Customized bags with front pockets and straps can guarantee a great utility for any ukulele player. With their thick sponge style padding, these bags are helpful in protecting the ukelele from harsh weather and general wear and tear.


If your ukulele enthusiast is a fan of artistic things, why not gift them ukulele decals? They are sure to ramp up the look of any ukulele. Just stick the decals and you are good to go. Ukulele decals are available in many shapes, sizes and colors.

If you are wondering where to find these gifts or more options, speak to the experts at Everything Ukulele - a specialty store offering a wide range of ukulele and their accessories. You are sure to find great gifting options in your budget.

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